We are

With the purpose of transforming, enhancing and perpetuating business, we support companies in the business management of results.

We develop strategic projects that generate more competitiveness to the business and prevent any problems that may arise to companies.
Our solutions aim to achieve financial and tax autonomy, practicality in bureaucratic routines and to adapt the company to a more stable and confident scenario, even in the face of political and economic fluctuations.

To transform

Artificial Intelligence, business culture, economic scenario. The market is constantly evolving and changes are inevitable. Your business deserves the most innovative and effective business management practices. Plan your business with our partnership and make your brand more competitive.

To potentialize

Optimize processes, reduce bureaucracy, and gain productivity to focus on what really matters: your business. With Funcional Consulting, your company minimizes risks, prevents liabilities and has access to strategies that make your business more profitable.

To perpetuate

Adapt to different scenarios, get longevity and financial health for your business and support for family succession with strategies that protect assets.

Our Values

We take care
of people

We provide conditions for people to develop in a personal and professional context and thus manifest their maximum potential.
We respect differences, listen to opinions and value the participation of all.
We prioritize our employees because they are the people who promote business transformation.

We build

We believe in building lasting relationships based on trust, transparency and loyalty.
Integrity is the foundation of our actions and relationships.

in actions

We identify and act in what generates value for our clients.
We are dogged by continuous improvement and delivery of results.

We overcome

We are moved by our restlessness.
We dare and innovate to overcome boundaries.
We are open to new possibilities and ideas.

of ownership

We cultivate the sense of ownership to guide our actions.
We value people committed to defending the interests of the organization.
We understand the client's business to actively collaborate with decision making.

Funcional in numbers (so far)

  • 130+

    employees in the group

  • R$ 100mi

    in tax savings in 2019

  • 1500+

    completed projects and processes

  • 9+

    years of excellence

  • 84 (score)

    NPS-based (Net Promoter Score) customer satisfaction index